• Academic year 2021-2022

    Academic year 2021-2022

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Why study at the Augustinian Patristic Institute?

Church Tradition is at the heart of studies at the Augustinianum. That is, the living transmission of the Christian faith, the Evangelium Christi in the first nine centuries of Christianity.

During those centuries, the Judeo-Christian message was proclaimed within the setting of ancient cultures.

Out of that marvelous intersection of ideas and environment we have at hand literary texts, inscriptions, images, monuments (sarcophagi, churches, diaconias) and the testimony of an undivided Church in two parts of the ancient Christian world (East and West).

The Augustinianum provides an international team of specialist in texts, context, monuments and inscriptions which helps students discover the wonders of the Fathers of the Church.

The highly specialized library collection serves as an invaluable aid in the study of the Fathers of the Church.

Graduates of Theology and Patristic Sciences are qualified to pursue in depth research into the history of Ancient Christianity and to teach, in a contemporary environment and with ecclesial sensibility, the fundamental elements of the transmission of faith.

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