Journal of Late Antiquity

Journal of Late Antiquity (JLA) is the award-winning first international English-language journal dedicated to the study of Late Antiquity writ large. The Journal provides a venue for multi-disciplinary coverage of all the methodological, geographical, and chronological facets of Late Antiquity. All of Late Antiquity will be represented -- from the late and post-classical world up to the Carolingian period, and including the late Roman, western European, Byzantine, Sassanid, and Islamic worlds, ca. 250-800 CE. JLA is essential, not only as a space for scholarship dealing with practical and theoretical issues, but, in particular, to bridge the gap between literary and material culture scholarship. One of the primary goals of the journal is to highlight the status of Late Antiquity as a discrete historical period in its own right. JLA honors include the Association of American Publishers PROSE Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence as Best New Journal in the Social Sciences & Humanities for 2010, and Honorable Mention/Runner-Up for Best New Journal in 2009 by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. JLA also is a two-time winner (2013 and 2019) of the Codex Award, given once per year by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals in recognition of the best journal on any subject before 1500.

PUBLISHED BY Johns Hopkins University Press

AVAILABLE ISSUES Vol. 1 (2008) through current issue.